New! Ready Meals Range

I have been busy developing a range of frozen Meals for One which can either be collected from me in Coleby, or delivered to you at home. Each meal comes in a recyclable foil tray with a card lid. Full defrosting and cooking instructions, a list of ingredients as well as any allergens are clearly labelled on the tray for fool-proof cooking results. These meals are ideal if you are still finding shopping daunting and fancy the idea of someone else doing the hard work for you. So, if you love a home-cooked, additive free meal in a convenient 'no waste' portion size for One, give them a try! Why not have a few in the freezer as spares.

This is my initial list of dishes, but I am also interested to hear what you might like to try if your favourite is not listed below, so please get in touch by clicking on the brown 'Contact Me' button at the bottom of the page if you have any suggestions.

Pesto Pasta with Chicken & Roasted Red Peppers 290g      £4.50

Succulent strips of chicken breast in a creamy pesto sauce with fusilli

pasta twists and roasted red peppers

(contains - gluten, milk)

Chicken, Ham and Leek Pie 380g                                          £5.00

Tender pieces of chicken and ham with leek in a flavoursome

parsley sauce and a shortcrust pastry top

(contains - milk, gluten, celery, egg)

Coq au Vin 340g                                                                    £6.00

A French classic of chicken thigh, caramelised shallots and bacon

lardons in a rich red wine sauce 

(contains - milk, celery, gluten)

Butter Chicken 370g                                                              £6.50

A creamy and fragrant Indian curry with a medium spice level,

made with chicken breast, single cream and masala spices

Please note - not supplied with rice

(contains - milk)

Lentil Moussaka - (suitable for vegetarians) 310g                £4.50

A delicious aubergine and red lentil twist on a classic Moussaka,

topped with a cheese sauce 

(contains - milk, gluten)

Macaroni Cheese with Bacon and Pinenuts 290g                 £4.50

Macaroni pasta with a cheese sauce and streaky bacon, topped

with a pinenut and parsley crumb 

(contains - milk, gluten)

Lamb Moussaka 340g                                                            £6.50

The Greek classic, soft aubergine cooked in olive oil with slow

cooked minced lamb, topped with a cheese sauce

(contains - milk, eggs, gluten)

Lamb Korma 290g                                                                  £7.50

Lamb slow-cooked in natural yogurt and spices, finished with a

touch of cream and coriander

Please note - not supplied with rice

(contains - milk)

Lancashire Lamb Hotpot 370g                                               £7.00

A classic comforting tasty hotpot, lamb slow-cooked simply with

onions and carrots in a gravy, topped with buttered sliced potatoes

(contains - milk, celery, fish, gluten, barley)

Pork with Leeks and a Mustard Sauce 250g                          £7.00

A pork steak, pan-fried with soft leeks and a tangy creme

fraiche, vermouth and mustard sauce

(contains - milk, mustard, celery)

Steak and Ale Pie 350g                                                          £7.00

Beef slow cooked with Guinness Porter and thyme with chestnut

mushrooms, topped with shortcrust pastry

(contains - milk, celery, gluten, egg

Steak and Kidney Pie 330g                                                    £6.50

Beef slowly cooked with ox kidney's, onions and mushrooms, topped

with crisp shortcrust pastry

(contains - celery, milk, egg, gluten)

Or alternatively, you can call me on 07967 583571 - Jo

Cook and saucer

owls hoot, blind lane, Coleby,

Lincolnshire. ln5 0al

tel: 07967 583571

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